Shocking Results in 3 hours

Watch as an orchid is saved during the Upperville Garden Club monthly meeting. Behind the scenes and REAL!

FG Market...

FG Market supports and sells to florists and nurseries. Alpaca manure that is specially composted, as I do here on the farm, is blended with a proprietary formula of Mycorrhizal Fungi & Yucca powder.

Check out the vendor spotlight at FG Market. Contact me at for wholesale signup info.

suppliers to wholesale florists nationwide.

(Cossette loves her new ‘Cria’)

How to: Prepare Poop Pods

How to: Prepare Poop Pods

10 second video clip…Add Poop+ Pod to water…Capsule Dissoves…Stir…

Each pod makes at least 1 gallon of nourishing plant food

To LOOP this clip…right click and choose LOOP!

Meet Mary Forte - Owner of Mary's Alpaca Poop


I started with only 3 alpacas in 1994. Today, my herd numbers 150, and I breed, raise, and sell alpacas as a business. The alpaca lifestyle is totally gratifying, but like most farmers, I need to use all possible by-products for commercial purposes. The alpaca poop business is a natural offshoot. It didn’t take long to see the difference in the grassy areas chosen by the alpaca as “poop piles” in the pastures. Lush and dark green.

So we thought, what about the houseplants that we have? Alpaca farms regularly advertise the sale or availability of raw manure, but what about a household product? Suppose we use ONLY the manure from my lovely alpacas? Testing for over 4 years, my sister Anna and I have managed to grow the best violets, orchids, gardenias – you name it – simply fabulous plants by watering with composted alpaca poop.

But, it was a messy proposition, and I wasn’t thrilled about loose poop in the kitchen. Biodegradable bags were the answer. And, to brew my mix faster and more thoroughly, double-grind the composted piles, allowing more surface area to come in contact with the water.

Heads up here: since I started testing my herd for pathogens myself, I have found some startling things. Strange critters live in manure and will not die off on their own. Clever little bugs. My sincere advice to the gardener, indoor and out, is NEVER use any organics that have not been properly composted.

We invested in a proprietary system of forced aeration that heats the manure to a consistent 135-155 degrees for 5 days. An additional 5 months of cure, followed by grinding – the result is perfect Poop, perfectly balanced for the earth and plants and NO pathogens harmful to humans, NO weed seeds, a fresh earthy smell. All natural, 100% organic.

Results in just 2 Days with Mary's Poop!

Last year my moon flowers and morning glories took what seemed an eternity to grow into healthy, sturdy stalks. After just two days of using Mary’s poop my moon flower and morning glory beds were filled with incredibly healthy plants that just keep shooting up.

I look forward to continue using Mary’s Poop and observe the incredible nourishment it provides to my plants.

I also used Mary’s Poop to moisten my leaf compost to help establish neglected peony plants that I purchased on sale from my local nursery, and blooms just keep on coming even this late into the spring!

Thank You Mary for helping me care for my garden and finally achieving the green thumb I so desperately thrive to have every summer!”
— Y. Umana

Plants Blooming for the First Time - Thanks to Mary's Poop!

My husband had a Christmas cactus that his mom gave him 30 years ago. I have NEVER seen it bloom until this year when I used Poop+ on it…had no idea that it could bloom, really. I highly recommend it.
— Diane H.

Houseplants LOVE Mary's Poop!

I was a killer of any and all house plants. I didn’t understand that regular nutrition was better than forcing some chemicals on them every couple of months. This begonia is 15 years old. I am seeing huge improvements in root structures. And my hands aren’t blue anymore!
— Melanie A.

Blue Ribbon Prizes - Thanks to Mary's Poop!

Another Blue ribbon veggie entry at the Upperville Garden Club! Sweet, tasty and delicious. Tons of blooms too! I use Poop+ to plant the vines in a raised flower box. Then water weekly with Poop+. I’m feeding the soil & the plant at the same time!
The rain takes care of additional watering.
— Mary Forte

Wiley G. loves Mary's Poop!

Around our house, my store-bought orchids were called ‘monthlies’ because that’s how long they lived… Not anymore. The Poop diet keeps them green. This mini started a magnificent double bloom to everyone’s amazement.
— Wiley G.

Carol B. loves Mary's Poop!

…It’s amazing. This gardenia has NEVER had so many flowers. Hundreds and they re-bloomed too. I’ve bought Poop+ gifts for my friends...It’s a fun name... but Oh my gosh...It really works.
— Carol B.

Anna B. loves Mary's Poop!

My violet blooms all the time...It’s so simple. I just feed as I water… my plants are thriving, and I feel great that the Poop+ is Organic.
— Anna B.