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just in time for winter & your houseplants:  The Poop plus Pod... A GREAT GIFT. On sale now!


Poop+PODs - pods filled with Mary's Alpaca Poop + formulation. Specially composted and blended.  Packaged in a biodegradable film that dissolves in water.   Poop+ contains 2 additional ingredients (Yucca & Fungi) for container plants and new planting. It stimulates root growth and the uptake of nutrition while enhancing the soil itself

Fellow Gardeners! DON’T JUST WATER...FEED! Baby it’s cold outside. You’ve moved plants inside. They need all the help they can get.
A weekly watering with Poop+ is all they need to tolerate the AC unit & other environmental hazards.
This product is an 100% organic all-natural alternative to chemicals that turn colors and disappear. Your plants will thank you for feeding them real plant food instead of chemicals.

I drop a Poop+POD into my watering-can and let it dissolve. Stir vigorously after a few minutes. Some sudsing is normal (and fun to watch).When you see a residue on the top of the water - it’s fully hydrated and ready for your plants!
— Mary Forte 305-803-1444