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  • Greener, more lush foliage

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  • A more beautiful home and healthier garden - for indoor, outdoor, containers, raised beds, roof-top gardens, and windows.

  • Disease resistance & huge root systems for a healthy appetite.

Meet Mary’s Alpaca Poop+, a scientifically formulated breakthrough in plant care.This is not just another fertilizer but a complete ‘lifestyle change’ for any plant in a pot. And it's organic.

A patent pending combination of Nature’s ingredients to feed your soil and the plant that depends on it for life itself.

Consider the “Soil Web of Life”…a symbiotic relationship of living microbes doing what they do best…protecting the environment by helping plant life grow and thrive in an unnatural state.

We’ve packaged this organic ‘lifestyle’ in a biodegradable pod called a Poop+Pod. So easy, just drop one Pod into a gallon of water. Let it dissolve and stir before watering as you feed your green friends!  

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